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Developing investment applications using machine learning artificial intelligence to expand your portfolio!

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Automated Trading

Users can allow the AI to submit automated trades on multiple exchanges to enhance their portfolio Various machine learning methodologies applied allow the AI to predict futures and market prices.

Social Media Analysis

The data collection cluster captures social media and press releases. Destributes them into the Vega AI for market analysis indicators and predictions.

Interactive AI

Vega AI uses sentimental analysis strategies as a sophisticated natural language processing and responsive human interaction.

Intuitive User Interface

The application interface will support all devices with a sleek and simple look. User have the ability to control notifications and references on specific items in the market.

Open-Integration Platform

Our artificial intelligence integrates cross-platform with tools and services such as Slack, Discord, WhatsApp, Telegram, and many more!

Decentralized Design

Vega is a serverless infrastructure on a decentralized IPFS network. Market analysis and predictive data is stored in an advanced file index system.

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Our roadmap

We are always hard at work on development and media campaigns to generate visibility and keep our users updated frequently on progress. We are developing using Agile strategies and test-driven development on our application. Using this approach we are able to work internally very efficiently and create market awareness with fast-paced feature release deployments to our users.


Our technology
can change the world

We here at Vega Intelligent Solutions are dedicated to quality of service in our products to create the greatest user experience. Our ongoing development of the Vega application has inspired confidence created many possibilities to integrate across platforms and work with simple solutions that machine learning can leverage productivity in our every day lives. As users of the latest technologies and investors ourselves, we understand the importance to uphold our integrity and work towards changing the world of investment tools and portfolio management utilities.

Frequently asked questions

Currently the Vega is being developed on a new infrastructure with the latest and greatest technology best practices. We are developing a simple PoC during our crowfund to demonstrate. Brian the founder will be implementing a small piece of the potential that Vega can hold. Many of our team's past projects have been contracted from past job experiences and we are unable to display them. This Proof of Concept will give you a great idea of where we are going with our software and how well-experienced we are now to implement the upcoming application with full confidence in a timely manner. Please stay patient and updated with our announcements for the upcoming presentation soon.
The Vega token is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum network fuels the ecosystem transactions in automated trading, supplying informative data to users, and providing additional services. The Vega token further motivates the development allowing opportunities for acquisitions and cross-platform integrations with other systems. The token can be traded on exchanges and transferred from peer to peer within the ecosystem.
Brian Carter CEO and Founder of Vega has an excellent reputation and relationship with the innovators on the development team and extensive knowledge behind AFIX for Novusphere. He collaborated on ideas on how to improve many of the challenges that exist not only on their on almost every blockchain and technology platform alike. The flexibility and intuitive platform that is AFIX allows many possibilities that are unique in the industry. Discussions so far have been productive to create a visual and highly-advanced approach to improving data systems, decentralized data indexes, and blockchain performance by implementing machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligent automated decisions. Our application specifically for the Vega trading application can easily work with the indexed file system to store and retrieve essential data for market trading predictions. There are plans beyond our current project to extend our partnership for ongoing innovations. We have been working in parallel using their expertise and consultation to develop a seamless and fully integrated system across platforms. Both entities see potential to move towards a broader vision of utilizing the Vega A.I. to improve performance, reliability, and enhance current feature initiatives.
We currently use our discord for communication and discussion Click Here To Join and we recommend setting up your profile to get to know you by your name or alias.
We post on Medium, Twitter, Facebook, and in Discord #announcements channel frequently. You can also get involved with the Novus team discord where we have a channel to discuss integration plans here: Click Here To Join. We also have plans to integrate with Telegram, WhatsApp, Skype, and other software tools with our Vega A.I. bot to keep you well informed.

our team

Small but efficient team! We wish to keep a very transparent and personable relationship with our community!

Brian Carter

ceo / architect


Brian Carter

CEO and Founder of Vega. Architect Manager. Releasing Agile Development Strategies and High-Quality Applications.

Danny "BDan"

Community Manager


Danny "BDan"

Community Manager engaging the public and creating awareness of the product answering any questions on progress.

Novus Network

ICO Consultant


Novus Network

Providing Consultation on Operations. Blockchain and Data Infrastructure Expertise for Future Integrations.

We are always looking to expand our team seeking innovative prospects and high potential to work with us and fill future positions.

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